Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Have you ever looked at someone's handwriting and thought, "What kind of person writes like that?" Well, through Graphology, or Handwriting Analysis, we can find out! All those loops and curls and lines have meaning. The way the writing fits on the page says something about how the person feels about their past and future. Angles, puncuation, capital letters. It all speaks about the person who wrote it.

Does your very reserved friend have a wild side she's hiding? Is that new guy you're dating going to turn into a control freak? Does the job applicant you're considering really fit into the position he's applying for? It's all there.

I have to say, I was leary of doing an analysis on myself. I thought it would just tell me things I already know. How could there be anything I don't know about me? Well, what I found out was not so much what I didn't know, but what I didn't want to admit. I thought I was pretty in touch with my inner workings. Having to admit that I have some issues holding me back from accomplishing some things in life was not easy.

Once I came to terms with the fact that my handwriting was telling me the truth, I decided I need to fix those issues. I'm still working on them. Hey, life long habits are hard to break!

I've always had an interest in human behavior. I don't have the discipline (one of my shortcomings) to take years of classes so I found other ways to learn about people. The automatic and subconscious movements of the body when a person is happy or sad, uncomfortable or relaxed, honest or lying. I find this facinating! Watching people interact with eachother and following who likes who, who is new to the group, who's being catty. Better than tv at times.

By far, the best way to really find out about the inner person, is through handwriting. The brain is the one that decides what the shapes will be, not the hand. The hand holds the pen, the brain holds the hand. What is in the personality will be put down on paper for all the world to see.

Oh sure, what you write may be interesting, but it's the way it's written that catches my attention. Little notes people write get my attention. The signature on a check is always going to get scrutinized. I once had a woman write me a check that had three different kinds of writing just on the payout line! Now that got me excited! (I know. I'm simple.)

I have notebooks full of the writing samples that have caught my attention. I love this work! If there is someone in your life you'd like to know a little better, including yourself, let me know. Better insight is just an email away!

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